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  • Not What I Thought Was Possible January 25, 2023
    We’re 25 days into 2023, and let me tell you the biggest difference in my mindset. I was—quite literally—shrinking my potential based on my history and (limited) experiences, and convincing myself that was my TRUTH. Instead of looking at the world as endless opportunities (which it is), I decided what was possible for me was […]
  • Can’t Believe I’m Doing This January 18, 2023
    Can I share a personal example of a time when I knew I was meant for MORE, but didn’t know where/how/when to start? In 2015, I was at a pivot in my life and business, and I needed a fresh perspective, a new way of thinking, and the challenge of being surrounded by people who […]
  • A paint-by-number business? January 11, 2023
    He said it was quite unlike me.  You mean like a craft, he asked.  My husband was confused as to why I bought paint-by-number sets. I was hosting a holiday tamale dinner (homemade by yours truly!), and decided to make it a painting party as well. When I unboxed all the art supplies, I realized […]
  • Can you journal your way to success? January 4, 2023
    One of my earliest memories is saving money to buy a–wait for it–notebook.  Yes, I earned money so I could buy a Hello Kitty journal. As the daughter of an immigrant and an (unreasonably) proud homeschooled child, I loved writing, but often had to use old or discarded notebooks my mom found while dumpster diving. […]
  • So rude…I mean, really? December 21, 2022
    The room thundered, like a lightning bolt struck the center of the room and fissures ricocheted from the walls. I walked off stage and JD grabbed me by the shoulders and whispered, Being in that room felt like we were in a shaken bottle of champagne… I was invited to speak on Brendon Burchard’s stage […]
  • Avoid Getting Stuck In Business (here’s how!) December 14, 2022
    He looked around and said, “Failure is NOT an option.” Gene Kranz said these famous words as the Director of Nasa flight operations who directed the landing mission for Apollo 11. And–boom–just like that, he gave himself one option:  Success. (Maybe I should avoid using the word BOOM and Apollo 11 in the same note, […]
  • I can’t believe it finally happened… December 7, 2022
    I’m sitting at the San Francisco airport with a cup of tea trying to balance a toddler on one leg and my laptop on the other.  I’m equal parts exhausted and wildly satisfied. Last Saturday I completed a business scaling program at Stanford University, and walked across the stage to receive my certificate from the […]
  • Am I whining? November 24, 2022
    “I thought you DIED,” she lamented as she stomped into my hotel room. Confused, I looked at the clock and wiped leftover mascara from my lashes. It was 7:47am on Saturday morning.  I would’ve thought I died, too.  Whenever we travel for business trips, I’m up before sunrise, workout complete and coffee in hand.  No […]
  • A True Story About Awkward Silence November 16, 2022
    She raised her hand and timidly asked, “How did you get confident?  I just don’t think I’ll be confident.” I stood awkwardly on stage, readjusted my stance (which someone once described as a cowboy on a mission), and cleared my throat. If I ever gave you the impression that I’m confident, I responded into the […]
  • What’s getting in the way of your goals… November 9, 2022
    One time–as a kid–my mom said a prayer for me, asking God for me to be okay with enough.  Like enough was something measurable. I was 13 years old and I was shocked that enough was actually a thing.  Was there ever enough?  I didn’t think so, and I was baffled why my mom thought […]