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  • How to get more engagement on social media posts May 16, 2018
    Let’s be honest. No one turns the tv on to watch commercials just like no one takes to social media to devour business posts. I know you feel like the luckiest person in the world to be able to rise and grind every day and love (almost) every minute of it! But let’s be real, […]
  • 5 Food Styling Tips for Social Media Photos May 5, 2018
    There are two sides to every story…and these are both mine. Bear with me as I try to balance the sides of my brain that war against each other: “WHY ARE YOU SHARING THIS?!?!?” “Good for you for being vulnerable…your bestie Brene Brown will be proud!”   So, last week I gave a peek inside […]
  • Advice for Working (and supporting) Your Spouse May 3, 2018
    A few days ago, I had a conversation with JD. For those who don’t know, JD is my husband and business partner. [He’s also my anchor, coach, chef, therapist, cheerleader (Super Bowl kind, not short skirt kind), and guru…but let’s not go there.] We’ve worked together for over a decade and he’s the best thing […]
  • Interviewed on MSNBC – Your Business April 30, 2018
    Hello? …Hellllllo? …HELLLLLOOOO? I have the worst cell phone reception at my house. It’s worse than AOL dial up. If Alexander Graham Bell heard my telephone reception, he’d cry. [Please tell me someone got that terrible joke…anyone?] Last month, when I roamed in my backyard trying to get cell reception, I apologized to Jess, the […]
  • Featured on G.O.A.T Podcast with Mike Arce April 25, 2018
    I had the opportunity to be interviewed as part of the GOAT Show and Podcast. Huge honor, really. Mike Arce has interviewed the likes of Tai Lopez, Lewis Howes, Grant Cardone…and a lot of other great thinkers…so to join his tribe was a rare gift. Mike’s show is all about interviewing who he considers to […]
  • Rethink Your Marketing with This Copywriting Plan April 20, 2018
      This Copywriting Plan Will Make You Rethink Your Marketing  I recently spoke at the Amazon Sellers event in Las Vegas. I was nervous wondering … will my talk be valuable? Even though I don’t have an Amazon store, I had to remind myself that: I know how to build a business online I know […]
  • Practical Advice for Building a Personal Brand April 16, 2018
    I had the honor of speaking with Melyssa Griffin‘s mastermind group in Los Angeles. We spoke about my branding journey, the mistakes, the mishaps, and the successes along the way. Melyssa and I are in a mastermind together, so when she asked me to speak to the mastermind SHE HERSELF HOSTS, I was tickled pink. […]
      CHATTING ABOUT INSTAGRAM WITH MSNBC [BEHIND THE SCENES AT DIGITAL MARKETER’S TRAFFIC & CONVERSION SUMMIT] What an honor to speak with JJ Ramberg, financial journalist from MSNBC’s Your Business at Digital Marketer’s Traffic and Conversion Summit. Butterflies were fluttering in my belly. I still get nervous for interviews, yet nothing excites me more than teaching […]
    I want to be real. Social media can be kinda flashy. It’s easy to get caught up in what other people are doing. Before you post anything, you have to ask yourself: am I doing this because I saw someone else do it – OR – because I want to share this message? If you’re […]
  • Your Instagram Makeover is HERE April 5, 2018
      We’ve all been there, Boo… Side-eyeing someone else’s grid for caption inspo… Mapping out a content strategy by jotting a few ideas down, crumpling up the paper, and asking your toddler to pick a hand, any hand… Dramatically getting down ‘on bended knee’ a la Boyz II Men and asking the algorithm gods why […]