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  • How to Find a Digital Agency or a Manager as a Social Influencer March 9, 2018
      Last week I received an email from a talented hustler, who shall remain nameless.  Just trust me:  she’s awesome. She emailed me the following: “I am looking for an agency that helps social media influencers collaborate with brands and grow their platforms. I have a strong social media platform with my podcast, website, and […]
      I still ask people for their address, because I want to send them note cards. Watch out! I just might mail you one.  #ilovesnailmail Back in the day, someone suggested that I start a newsletter. I thought it was a little odd, but said, “OK!” I love to write. I LOVE connecting with people. […]
  • How to Find the Hashtags Your Customers are Using February 28, 2018
    Instagram Lovers: Have you noticed you’re attracting industry peers or people sell what you sell…and not potential clients? Do you wonder why you’re not attracting followers who’ll actually be CUSTOMERS? Let’s chat about how you can change things up with a simple tweak to your hashtags! ⬇ I can’t tell you how many times I […]
  • 5 Tips for Facebook and Instagram Ads February 26, 2018
      I have the lucky opportunity to host weekly live chats on Facebook.  Wednesdays are now my favorite day of the week because I get to hang out with awesome business owners and chat about ways to grow, how to use social media, and–occasionally–we chat about TV shows I need to watch. (The internet almost […]
  • Instagram Ideas for Service Based Businesses February 19, 2018
    I debated posting this video because I made a pretty BIG + sweeping statement. I said, “Instagram may not be the platform for you if you can’t visually show what your business does.” (The video also shows my first [ever] attempt at making a video in 2008…so be prepared to cringe!) But allow me to […]
  • Let’s Make Unemotional Business Decisions February 12, 2018
      Wake up, friend, WAKE UP + SHAKE IT UP! It’s linear thinking; it’s removing the emotions that tie us to our old way of thinking. Last week I was asked if law school helped me as business person. The answer, truthfully, is that I was brainwashed. For months I was taught the power of […]
  • Advice for a College Student Starting a Business February 7, 2018
    I received an email from Joanna, a college student trying to start her first business.  I won’t post her entire email, but here’s a bit worth sharing: I’m interested in communications, marketing/advertising, managing social media, branding, and web/graphic design. I’m also a huge perfectionist, so I feel like it’s hard for me to get started […]
  • The Trick to Writing Better Instagram Captions January 29, 2018
      I know what it feels like when you can’t find the right words to string together to form a meaningful Instagram caption that reflects how you want to show up in the world… …the type of caption that jumpstarts endless conversations with your newest besties (AKA your followers). If only you had a shortcut […]
  • They Doubt You? DO MORE WORK. January 28, 2018
      Fraud. Talentless. Fake. They called me names I didn’t have the strength to refute. 🖤 Instead of trying to prove them wrong, I put my head down and DID. THE. WORK. 👊🏼 I worked through the lack of talent. I worked the the doubt. I worked through the fear. ✨ I worked until they […]
  • Do You Need an Instagram Makeover? January 22, 2018
    There are two types of people on Instagram. The ones with meh feeds filled with far too many dog selfies and “original” shots of the #OOTD (outfit of the day)… AND the ones that stop you dead in your tracks mid-scroll and make you feel like you just received a postcard from an old friend […]