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  • How Much Money Do You Want? March 22, 2023
    He asked me, “what’s your number?”  Which is code for, WHEN IS ENOUGH, ENOUGH? It came off the back of a conversation about growth, goals, financial security expectations.  And, like, is there a point when you look at your business, and think–yeah–this is it, I’m ready to take my foot off the pedal? His message […]
  • I feel icky writing this post March 15, 2023
    Not gonna lie…I feel icky writing this. I want this note to be all inspirational and stuff, like I always have it together. But I don’t. I’m making it up as I go along. SHHH, LET’S KEEP THIS A SECRET BETWEEN US, SHALL WE? I feel icky because I recently responded to a proposed contract with a […]
  • Ask These Questions for More Success March 8, 2023
    There’s an awkward conversation I often shy away from. I don’t talk much about the impact my daughter has had in my business. I don’t talk much about it because—quite frankly—I’m trying to figure it out. I’m a first generation Latina, entrepreneur, and CEO/mother. I’m a self-taught business owner, so adding a toddler to the […]
  • This Was So Embarrassing I Wanted to Quit March 1, 2023
    Have you ever done something in business that embarrassed you so much that you wanted to cancel before it even started? This happened to me last week. I sat in the back of an Uber and sent him the following text: I was excited to record a podcast with Lewis Howes, and booked a podcast […]
  • When Things Don’t Go as Planned February 22, 2023
    They asked if I wanted to cancel the live announcement. I let out a deep sigh, and simply said, no. It was Friday, February 10th and we decided to postpone the debut of the new platform…the surprise debut that was slated for February 14th. JUST FOUR DAYS LATER. My stomach was in knots because the tech […]
  • My Big Mistake (and embarassing lessons) February 15, 2023
    I had written an entirely different blog post today.  It included references to mermaids and big ideas. It was cute.  Really, it was. But it was also pretty boring. So I scrapped it because I want to share a bit of where I’m at.  Buckle up, it’s getting real. At the end of last year, […]
  • Her Question Caught Me Off Guard February 1, 2023
    I recently told my therapist I liked to be fully prepared at all times and she asked, “is that really necessary?” My brain started spinning. But, WAIT! How could someone see my potential if I didn’t have my “be prepared” gear on? How could they know my capabilities if I didn’t have my protective sources […]
  • Not What I Thought Was Possible January 25, 2023
    We’re 25 days into 2023, and let me tell you the biggest difference in my mindset. I was—quite literally—shrinking my potential based on my history and (limited) experiences, and convincing myself that was my TRUTH. Instead of looking at the world as endless opportunities (which it is), I decided what was possible for me was […]
  • Can’t Believe I’m Doing This January 18, 2023
    Can I share a personal example of a time when I knew I was meant for MORE, but didn’t know where/how/when to start? In 2015, I was at a pivot in my life and business, and I needed a fresh perspective, a new way of thinking, and the challenge of being surrounded by people who […]
  • A paint-by-number business? January 11, 2023
    He said it was quite unlike me.  You mean like a craft, he asked.  My husband was confused as to why I bought paint-by-number sets. I was hosting a holiday tamale dinner (homemade by yours truly!), and decided to make it a painting party as well. When I unboxed all the art supplies, I realized […]