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  • Hi, I’m Jasmine Star…This is Who I Am, This is What I Do April 15, 2019
    Hi friend! I haven’t introduced myself recently in a blog post. My name is Jasmine Star. Yes, that is my name… My mom was a hippie, and she named all of her kids after flowers. True story. I am a photographer and business strategist from Newport Beach, California. I live with my husband and business […]
  • How To Reduce Overwhelm In Your Business April 8, 2019
    Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like there’s always something more to do, you’re always catching up, and there’s always something else you should improve or focus on. *I’m raising mine too, boo!* The no b.s. truth is: You’re right. I’m not going to coddle you, I’m a straight-shooter and I’m here to tell […]
  • What A Gift From Gary Vaynerchuk Taught Me About Branding April 5, 2019
    A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting with an incredible business mentor of mine, Gary Vaynerchuk. We discussed whether or not I should use an app to scale my business and, as expected, he gave me incredible advice that will affect my decisions for the rest of this year. Ya’ll know I’m […]
  • Real Business Questions: When Is It Time To Raise Your Prices? April 1, 2019
    This week on my Facebook Live “Ask Me Anything,” we jammed out on one of my favorite topics for service-based businesses: pricing. It all started with Melista, a wedding photographer, currently receiving inquiries a year or two in advance. She knows that it would not be wise to keep her current prices the same, because […]
  • 7 Caption Prompts You Can Use TODAY To Drive Social Media Engagement March 29, 2019
    Did you know that attending a cocktail party is very similar to getting engagement on social media? It’s true! Imagine if I walked into a cocktail party and said, “Hey, I have a great camera!,” or “You guys, my photos are on sale!” You would probably think I’m ego-driven, talk too much, and am completely […]
  • How To Build Your Newsletter List With A Freebie Your Audience Actually WANTS March 28, 2019
    If you hang out here often, ya’ll know I love Instagram and Facebook, but I do not recommend putting all of your eggs in the social media basket because we do not own our followers. I am a huuuuge fan of diversifying your marketing efforts. In order to grow our businesses in the long term, […]
  • Real Estate Agents/Realtors Looking for Social Media Tips? Let’s Chat About Social Curator Success March 27, 2019
    I’m a natural born storyteller. My father would whisper stories in the dark while my sister and I laid in bed, much after my mom yelled for us to fall asleep already. My dad? He helped conspire in our late-night revelry. I miss telling stories with frequency. Sometimes social media shortens our focus…but I want […]
  • Tech Outage On March 13th, 2019: How To Diversify Your Marketing Efforts March 25, 2019
    On March 13th, 2019 business owners everywhere were stressed, overwhelmed, and worried. On that day Facebook and Instagram had a technical issues and did not allow users to post. These platforms did not allow a single status update, story, or post. As the internet quickly turned to Mark Zuckerberg memes for solace, it also became […]
  • Real Talk Business Advice: What To Do When You’re In A Creative Rut March 18, 2019
    You may not know this, but every Tuesday and Thursday mornings I go live on Instagram for a live chat I call, Coffee and Conversations. This is where my followers can ask me questions, talk about life, and enjoy a cup of joe. **These caffeinated conversations are one of my favorite parts of every week!** […]
  • Growth Hack for Business Owners: Handling Doubtful Loved Ones March 16, 2019
    This week on my weekly Facebook live, Ask Me Anything, Sabrina asked: Since we’re working on mindset, how do you handle it when someone close to you is contributing to your “inner bully”? To catch you up to speed, in addition to the social media captions and photos we provide every month in my monthly […]