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  • It’s Time for Real Talk: Does Work/Life Balance Exist for Business Owners? November 12, 2018
    A couple of weeks ago, I was cooking dinner for my sister and her son after they moved into a new house in Huntington Beach. While the garlic and onions simmered as the base for my Pomodoro Pasta, I was taken back to a cooking class in Florence, Italy. #humblebrag? Although I’m not Italian, I’ve […]
  • Instagram Growth Services: Too Good to Be True? November 10, 2018
    “Quadruple your following in less than 6 months.”“Get new followers, new likes, and quick results!”“Guaranteed growth with REAL followers!” My community often asks me about these claims made by countless Instagram growth services. Some even tell me they have seen great success in their follower count, and I believe them. Here’s the thing: Do I […]
  • Binge watch these educational tutorials for business owners November 7, 2018
    Welcome to the NO JUDGMENT ZONE. All Judgey McJudgerson people are kindly asked to close this email and move along thankyouverymuch. Okay, so please tell me I’m not the only person who–at random–decides to binge-watch an entire season of their favorite Netflix show. I think my personal record is 13 hours…straight.  #nojudgment But here’s where […]
  • 3 Questions Entrepreneurs Need To Ask Themselves October 29, 2018
    Picture this: I’m sitting with a small group within my mastermind and we’re talking about the most effective thing we can do for our businesses. Ya’ll know I *love* practical business strategies, so I immediately get into nitty-gritty tactics for Instagram and Facebook. Then my sweet friend Lori hits me with this: “How long has […]
  • Two Things You Need to Know to Start a Monthly Subscription October 26, 2018
    Have you ever wondered what you would need to start a monthly subscription for your business? As most of you know, every Wednesday I go live on Facebook and answer questions from my audience. In this week’s video (which I’m including at the bottom of this post if you wanna check it out), I was […]
  • How to Hire a Team for Your Business October 23, 2018
    I get countless inquiries in my inbox every week asking if I’m hiring. When they come in, I get a little defensive—like, I don’t know you. You’re a stranger coming into my world and you’re asking to babysit my baby—AKA my business—and I ain’t handing over my baby to a stranger! The minute I say […]
  • Instagram Answers Love Fest and Your Commonly Asked Questions October 15, 2018
    I was sweating profusely.  Like, I couldn’t stop the buckets of salt water seeping from my skin. Last Saturday I spoke at an Entrepreneur’s Conference. As I was announced on stage, I literally wiped my forehead to realize a miniature puddle gathered in the palm of my hand. My thoughts in that moment were:   […]
  • Essentials (and what you need) for Creating IGTV Content September 24, 2018
    It can be so easy to get intimidated to show up on social media. Especially when new avenues open up like IGTV. It’s so easy to be afraid to create content. To see what others are doing, the level of content they’re creating, and the tools they use to do so. Instead of letting you […]
  • Is Your Facebook Page a Tired Wasteland Filled with Crickets? (#drama) September 19, 2018
    It’s embarrassing to admit, but in a past life (ummm not THAT long ago), I’d hide under a blanket, scroll through my Facebook feed and wonder how my biz nemesis *always* knew the right words to say… (She made it look so easy-breezy, beautiful CoverGirl, ya know?) This chick had *so* much to say. All. […]
  • Why You Should Stop Focusing On an Impossibly Perfect + Pretty Instagram Grid September 13, 2018
    One thing business owners often ask me about Instagram is how to curate a gorgeous grid. I get the appeal but I can’t help but wonder, when’s the last time you checked out the grid of someone you follow on Instagram? For the sake of argument, let’s say it was recent BUT of all of […]