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  • 3 Elements You NEED In Your Instagram Profile Photo August 3, 2020
    Friend, I have an important question for you: Are you ready for a social media makeover? *It’s like Extreme Makeover… for Instagram!* I hope you’re nodding your head because I’m going to teach you step-by-step how to audit your own Instagram account to get more followers, more engagement, and more customers. The truth is, I […]
  • Behind the Scenes of Making My First TikTok July 31, 2020
    Do you want a behind-the-scenes look at how I made my first TikTok video? *Ohhhh friend, it’s about to get AWKWARD up in here!* To be honest, this is a really vulnerable glimpse into my creative process, but I’m sharing because I’m hoping you’ll try it too. >>TikTok is an amazing NEW way to grow […]
  • Just Say Yes July 29, 2020
    Dear Friend, This is a loving-kick-in-the-pants letter from me to you. I can predict your future if you let me. This isn’t magic or something spooky, boo boo. It’s just the truth. *Ahem, THE TRUTH!* >>This is your year. 2020 is the year you say yes.
  • Staying Positive & Energetic As A Business Owner July 27, 2020
    Let me be real with you, boo… While I may seem like a ray of sunshine on social media *caffeinated to the high heavens,* some days I struggle. Some days are dark.  Some days feel heavy. Some days seem hard.  There’s no way around it. That’s just how it goes as a business owner, right? […]
  • How to Build a Newsletter List on Instagram July 24, 2020
    What would you do if Instagram disappeared tomorrow, boo? You’d probably miss the #dogsofinstagram posts *I know I would*, but how would your business fare if social media ceased to exist?  >>I don’t foresee Instagram going away anytime soon, but implementing ways to market your business other than on social media will set you up […]
  • 5 Types Of Instagram Posts To Increase Engagement July 22, 2020
    On a scale of 1 – 10, how do you think your posts do at getting your audience’s attention and engagement?  *The struggle bus is at full capacity right now.* Well boo boo, there’s plenty of room for you on the Instagram Express! Next stop: the best place on the Internet to learn how you […]
  • Give Your Instagram Brand A Boost July 20, 2020
    Will you level with me, Buttercup? How’s your branding game on Instagram? *I know, I know… it’s a sore subject for a lot of business owners.* As a business strategist and founder of Social Curator, I look at hundreds and HUNDREDS of Instagram accounts every month.  And you wanna know what I see? 98% of […]
  • How To Pitch Yourself For A Podcast July 17, 2020
    Boo boo, do you love listening to podcasts as much as I do? Podcasts have been the best thing to bless my ears since Beyonce’s fierce music! *And both of them are Irreplaceable…get it?!* If you love listening to podcasts, chances are you’ve heard an episode or two with a guest contributor. It’s a very […]
  • How To Take Better Photos For Instagram July 15, 2020
    You might *think* your engaging caption is enough to turn followers into customers.  >>But in order to get someone to pay attention to you, you need a scroll-stopping photo FIRST.
  • Being A Student, Not A Teacher July 13, 2020
    Right now. This very moment. It’s history in the making. 2020 will be a historical year for many reasons…a global pandemic and the racial justice movement to name a few. And we are living it… together. Together, we will listen. Together, we will learn. Together, we will rise up. During a recent discussion with Daymond […]