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  • Real Talk Business Advice: What To Do When You’re In A Creative Rut March 18, 2019
    You may not know this, but every Tuesday and Thursday mornings I go live on Instagram for a live chat I call, Coffee and Conversations. This is where my followers can ask me questions, talk about life, and enjoy a cup of joe. **These caffeinated conversations are one of my favorite parts of every week!** […]
  • Growth Hack for Business Owners: Handling Doubtful Loved Ones March 16, 2019
    This week on my weekly Facebook live, Ask Me Anything, Sabrina asked: Since we’re working on mindset, how do you handle it when someone close to you is contributing to your “inner bully”? To catch you up to speed, in addition to the social media captions and photos we provide every month in my monthly […]
  • Should I Scale My Business with an App: My Meeting With Gary Vaynerchuk March 15, 2019
    Have you ever wondered what advice Gary Vee would give you if he was able to assess your business? >>This is a video of one such moment, thanks to a meeting I had about how to scale my business with Gary Vaynerchuk.
  • 4 Steps To Gain Inspiration For Your Next Business Project March 8, 2019
    “I just feel so uncreative… I feel stuck.” As I wrote this message to my Creative Director, Tami, I couldn’t find my creative flow with a list of photoshoots we had to produce for Social Curator. I felt a little better when she wrote back, “Me too.” I decided to come up with a plan. […]
  • Instagram Stories: How Many Should You Post? March 7, 2019
    Ya’ll, let me be real with you: I love Instagram stories. I love that they connect me to my audience in real time and allow them to trust me with ease. On my Instagram stories, I enjoy posting pictures of my dog, my meals, and videos of the J* team behind-the-scenes. I know my audience […]
  • How To Create Instagram Posts For Your Dream Customer March 6, 2019
    If you’re a business owner and not making Instagram work for you, you’re missing out on the biggest party out there (…it’s like homecoming, graduation and Meghan and Harry’s wedding ALL rolled into one). I know the crickets you hear on your account isn’t because you’re not trying (oh, I know you are, buttercup), but […]
  • 3 Ways To Book New Clients March 1, 2019
    This week on Ask Me Anything, a weekly Facebook livestream where members of my community can ask me questions, Marcie asked if I had any practical tips for booking new clients. I love back-to-the-basics questions like this, because ya’ll know I *love* a back-to-the-basics answer! There are three proven ways to book new clients that […]
  • How To Build An Invested Team for Your Business February 28, 2019
    Welcome to the last part of the Next Level Entrepreneur video series, a recorded consultation I had with 4 awesome entrepreneurs in California. To be perfectly honest, I had no idea that this meeting would spark conversations about what it means to be a visionary for your business and, dare I say it, act like […]
  • Getting Personal On Social Media: What Is Too Much? February 27, 2019
    Welcome to video four of the Next Level Entrepreneur video series, where I focus on some of the most frequently asked questions I receive on a daily basis. Since I cannot possibly consult for every request I get, I created this video series as a way for us to connect and for me to help you […]
  • Sticking Out from Your Competition: How To Position Your Business February 23, 2019
    If you stumbled upon this post, this is part 3 of my Next Level Entrepreneur video series, a sneak peek into a consulting session I had with 4 entrepreneurs at the Golden Door Spa. This video series is intended to pour light on our common struggles as business owners, regardless of our industry, if we […]