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  • How to Get the Engagement Your Instagram Posts Deserve July 11, 2018
      There are three frustrations I hear business owners express about Instagram regularly… They’re yearning for authentic conversations. They’re disappointed about the lack of engagement. They’re chomping at the bit for genuine connections. Every time I hear someone share one of those pressure points, I can’t help but wonder about their Insta game.  I’m not […]
  • Revolutionize Your Business…by FREE FALLING July 9, 2018
    Have you ever experienced a business FREE FALL? Ya know, those moments when you’re, like, “ohhh emmm gee I have no control right now!”🙋🏻‍♂️ I think these moments are the BEST thing for business owners…sure, it’s stressful and uncomfortable, but magic arrives when you cut out the excuses and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.🌈 This video is […]
  • How to Stop Wasting Time in Your Business July 6, 2018
    We need to stop wasting so much time worrying about things that’ll never happen. We think of what they’ll say.  We worry about who’s watching. We wonder what they’re whispering behind closed doors. We ache to be seen and known for WHO we are and WHAT we do, but when it comes to starting something […]
  • How to Stick Out in a Saturated Market June 28, 2018
    You know that feeling when you’re relegated to go the to the Department of Motor Vehicles and stand in a line longer than the width of Texas? You pull a number and wait on baited breath until someone singles you out from the crowd, desperately watching the clock tick by. UMM ‘SCUSE ME IS THE […]
  • This Idea of Business Perfection…meh? June 18, 2018
    We sat around in groups and talked about our businesses. A couple of days ago, I connected with entrepreneurs, most of whom love what we do…despite the pitfalls that come our way.⚓ The more we spoke, the more I noticed a reoccurring pattern in conversation: The desire to show only perfect depictions of our businesses […]
  • Tips for How to Host a Facebook Live June 15, 2018
    I made the choice to start going live on Facebook once a week a year ago. It was awkward and I was nervous. But I knew the importance of going live and the more I showed up despite that discomfort, the better results I saw.💙 Whether you show up faithfully every week or you have […]
  • Instagram Announced a NEW Algorithm…here’s how I’m using it for my business June 7, 2018
    Soooo…did you hear?  Instagram announced a NEW algorithm a couple of days ago. Now before you band your head (repeatedly) on your desk, I have good news:  the algorithm is a beauty!!! The biggest change with this algorithm is that Instagram is being VERY open about what’s new, what’s changed, and debunking myths. I’ve been […]
  • 3 Reasons to Switch from a Personal to Business Account on Instagram May 26, 2018
      One of the questions I get asked most frequently by business owners is whether or not to switch to a business account. While the reasons to have a business account are tempting, I’ve chosen to pass up on it (for now) on my Instagram account. Here are the top three features I’m passing up […]
  • Join my FREE Instagram Challenge May 21, 2018
    I know Instagram Challenges can be skeazy as all get out, and there’s almost always an upsell snuck into the mix. (Pffffff. Like we won’t notice.) But there are 3 key things you need to know. I’d obviously reeeeeeeeeally love for you to join me tomorrow for my totally free Instagram Challenge all about leveraging […]
  • How to get more engagement on social media posts May 16, 2018
    Let’s be honest. No one turns the tv on to watch commercials just like no one takes to social media to devour business posts. I know you feel like the luckiest person in the world to be able to rise and grind every day and love (almost) every minute of it! But let’s be real, […]