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  • What Is Clubhouse And Should You Join It? January 15, 2021
    What is Clubhouse and should you join it?! >>This new voice-only social media platform has been the center of attention for many business owners over the last few months and I think it’s about to get bigger.
  • 8 Tips to Make Planning Your 2021 Goals FUN January 13, 2021
    Someone once told me a goal without a plan is just a dream… As I enter the year, I map a very clear PLAN to ensure my goals become a reality. It may seem like a tedious task to map out an entire year, but goal setting doesn’t have to be boring, Buttercup! The following […]
  • 4 Topics You Should Share in Your Instagram Story Highlights January 11, 2021
    Are you using Instagram Story Highlights to prep your audience for sales? *Sorry friend, I know this is a sore subject!* Not many business owners think about what to include in their Instagram Story Highlights because they’re more focused on their content, hashtags, Guides, and Reels… So instead of curating 4-5 Highlights that speak to […]
  • 3 Ways to Personalize Your LinkedIn Profile January 8, 2021
    Friend, are you using LinkedIn for your business yet? I know that it seems like everyone and their mother is on TikTok right now, but LinkedIn’s 700+ million users would beg to differ! While LinkedIn may be a more formal, business-focused platform, that doesn’t mean you can’t add some personal flare to your page or […]
  • What Did 2020 Teach You? January 6, 2021
    What is the worst thing that happened in your business this year? *Don’t worry…this ain’t a downer post, my friend.* Now… What if that THING wasn’t a setback? What if that MOMENT wasn’t a failure? Could you look back and think that you made the right decision, knowing only the future can reveal what made […]
  • How to Deal with Haters + Doubters January 5, 2021
    Friend, please stop caring what other people think/say/whisper behind your back. >>The judgment of your haters + doubters doesn’t pay your bills, so don’t let their opinions stop you from standing in your purpose.
  • My Message to All Business Owners January 4, 2021
    Here’s my message to all business owners… Let us give thanks for the pain. Let us give thanks for the discomfort. Let us give thanks for the doors that closed. For the clients who said no. For the contract that was denied. For the bounced check. Let us give thanks for those who turned against […]
  • What Do You Want to Do With Your Life? December 30, 2020
    My mom was 50 years old when she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. At the time, I was 25 years old attending law school and I had a profound wake-up call upon hearing the news. I thought to myself… If I have 25 years left of my life, what do I want to do […]
  • Upleveling Your Instagram Stories with Filters December 29, 2020
    One of my favorite ways to add a fun touch to my Instagram Stories is with filters. *Whether it’s adding long eyelashes to your face, making you look like a puppy, or creating a cool disco background… Filters are so much fun!* >>Filters keep Instagram Stories interesting to watch and more engaging for viewers.
  • Why Perfect Feeds Are So 2016 December 23, 2020
    Can I ask you a question? Do you want to look at pretty, perfect feeds, or do you want to see people just show up as themselves? There isn’t a right answer…but it’s important to follow YOUR preferences to understand what YOUR followers want, too. Real talk: there was a time when my Instagram feed […]